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Psychomed is an online scientific journal (ISSN: 1828 – 1516)  covering the area between medicine and behavioural sciences, as the title suggests, with a cognitive and behavioural approach. Thus it gathers research and clinical contributions in psychosocial and behavioural medicine, psychotherapy, health promotion and psychosocial interventions. 

The Journal’s aims are to provide an easy-to-use tool for scientific updating; besides, it is intended as a forum for discussion for those who work or study this area and is meant to become a training ground for all colleagues engaged in clinical work and experimental research. 

Ii is our intention to maintain a high level of methodological quality of the published contributions and to this aim a selection process is set up, and an editorial review as well. Thus, papers will be evaluated in terms of scientific merit, readability, and interest to a general readership by the Editorial Board and referees.

The kind of papers you will find and the submissions we welcome include:
• most recent experimental research in the mentioned areas,
• summary of studies already published in other scientific international journals,
• critical review and meta-analyses of literature,
• innovative forms of psychosocial and therapeutic interventions,
• clinical and clinic-experimental studies,
• clinical case studies or presentation of illustrative case studies accompanied by relevant theoretical references,
• reports of quantitative and qualitative empirical studies,
• protocols of research project as yet not implemented.

You can also find library news, brief communications, congresses, links and international activities. Since 2008 Psychomed has published selections of posters presented in some International Conferences in Cognitive Psychotherapy (ICCP) and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy ( EABCT). 

Psychomed is an initiative and part of the Specialization School of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Intervention of the Centre of Research in Psychotherapy (CRP) and is supported by the Italian Society of Psychosocial Medicine (SIMPS), Italian Association of Preventive Psychology (AIPRE) and the Association of Studies and Psycho-Social-Educational Training (ASIPSE). 

The cognitive and behavioural approach of the journal reflects the cultural and scientific orientation of these organisms, but we would also like to be a reference point for those researchers and clinicians who want to contribute with original works to the development of the scientific knowledge and to the progress of the correct clinical practises. 

To pursue our major aim, that of being an easily accessible tool for scientific updating, we ask everyone who would like to submit a contribution to respect the editorial regulations of APA (V edition, point 1.07).

Although based in Italy, we would be happy to receive contributions in English as well as Italian.
Three issues are published annually.
To submit a paper for consideration or to request further information, contact us via email at:

Executive Editor
Dott.ssa Dimitra Kakaraki

Director: Stefania Borgo mail:
Co- director: Lucio Sibilia mail:

Scientific Board:
Mario Becciu, Paola Borgo, Stefania Borgo, Mauro Ceccanti, Silvana Cilia, Anna Rita Colasanti, Federico Colombo, Carlo Di Berardino, Gian Franco Goldwurm, Caterina Lombardo, Spiridione Masaraki, Roberto Picozzi, Carla Rafanelli, Giuseppe Sacco, Ezio Sanavio, Tullio Scrimali, Lucio Sibilia, Claudio Sica

Editorial Board:
Dimitra Kakaraki, Cristian Pagliariccio.


Authors will provide a RTF file of their article prior to publication.
Authors will also provide a contact phone number.
The original papers must be accompanied by a cover letter with the request for publication and a declaration stating that the manuscript has not already been published in any other journals or submitted to other journals.
The journal operates a policy of peer review. Papers will normally be scrutinised and commented on by at least two independent expert referees (in addition to the Editor) although the Editor may process a paper at his or her discretion.

The submission (except posters) must include the following as separate files:
• Title page consisting of manuscript title, authors' full names and affiliations, name and address for corresponding with the author;
• Cover letter;
• Full manuscript omitting authors' names and affiliations (4-5 pages, exclude references, single line space, Times New Romans 12). Figures and tables can be attached separately if necessary.
Manuscript requirements
• Papers must be either in Italian or in English.
• Tables should be typed in double spacing, each on a separate page with a self-explanatory title. Tables should be comprehensible without reference to the text. They should be placed at the end of the manuscript with their approxim¬ate locations indicated in the text.
• Figures can be included at the end of the document or attached as separate files, carefully labelled in initial capital/lower case lettering with symbols in a form consistent with text use. Unnecessary background patterns, lines and shading should be avoided. Captions should be listed on a separate page. The resolution of digital images must be at least 300 dpi.
• For reference citations, please use APA style. Particular care should be taken to ensure that references are accurate and complete. Give all journal titles in full.
• Authors are responsible for acquiring written permission to publish lengthy quotations, illustrations etc. for which they do not own copyright.

For guidelines on editorial style, please consult the APA Publication Manual published by the American Psychological Association, Washington DC, USA ( ).
Checklist of requirements
• Title page (include title, authors' names, affiliations, full contact details)
• Full article text (4-5 pages exclude references)
• References (APA style). Authors are responsible for bibliographic accuracy and must check every reference in the manuscript and proofread again in the page proofs
• Tables, figures, captions placed at the end of the article or attached as separate files

All manuscripts must be submitted online at

International Associations:

International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM)

Collegium Internationale Activitatis Nervosae Superioris (CIANS)

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